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Moolin Films

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After Spring, the Tamaki Family…

After Spring, the Tamaki Family…



HDDocumentary│2016│Taiwan, Japan│96/ 130 min


2017 SHINDO KANETO Awards- Producer Award.

2017 Osaka Asian Film Festival, Special Screening.

2016 Taipei Film Festival, nomination for best documentary of Taipei Film Awards.

2016 DMZ International Documentary Film Festival, Asian Competition.

2016 Hawaii International Film Festival.

2016 San Diego Asian Film Festival.




On a warm spring day in 2015, Grandma Tamayo and the Tamaki family, the largest immigrant family on Yaeyama Islands of Okinawa, goes a journey back home where they’d long left before World War II: Taiwan, on which they little by little steer out of the disorientation of their memory and complex identity.

Time seems to moor still between coastlines of the deep ocean, and Grandma, as if a person from the past, is long lost in translation between different languages; lost in old memories diluted by time in her homeland. Yet the grandchildren, visiting Taiwan for the first time, are trying to steer out of the disorientation of their complex identity.

On the long journey, the late spring of the Tamaki family’s own is finally reviving. This is not only a home movie spanning eighty years of vicissitudes in East Asian history, but a story portraying how a family maturing in the flow of time. These immigrants were once known as “stateless people” in the history of Okinawa. They have been swinging in different countries and regimes for sixty years, and are now cloaking themselves in the Japan society. This is a tale of the forgotten people in the history of East Asia, and a family portrait in the contemporary society of Okinawa.




Director: Huang Yin-Yu

Co-producer: Testujiro Yamagami, Weijan Liu

Cinematographer: Shungo Nakatani

Music Composer: Kaito Nakahori

Editor: Huang Yin-Yu

Sound Mixer: Tu Duu-Chih, Du Yi-Ching

Production: Moolin Films, Ltd.

Co-production: Siglo, Ltd., Atom Cinema, Co., Ltd.





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